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Last update : 15 december 2008

Jacques Gouverneur and Marcel Roelandts invite you to discover the outcome of their respective research work. The latter bears on a critical analysis of the evolution of capitalism, with due regard for scientific rigour. It often gives rise to novel developments and conclusions.

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2. Website presentation

Jacques Gouverneur

3. Biography and bibliography

4. The foundations of capitalist economy : latest edition (2005) of a very pedagogical textbook, which can be downloaded free of charge and reproduced freely.

5. Value and productive labour : a synthesis of the main theoretical conceptions underlying the textbook.

6. Complements to the textbook : reproduction of some passages included in preceding editions.

7. Crisis : two pedagogical texts (1999 and 2000) concerning the structural crisis of capitalism.

Marcel Roelandts

8. Biography and bibliography

9. Moving forces and limits of capitalism

10. Dynamics and deadlock of growth in Eastern Asia

11. (Crisis theory) : discussions concerning crisis interpretations.

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13. Contact : in French and English with the authors and in the other languages with the collaborators.

14. Reference texts  : texts which allow for a deeper understanding of the economic foundations of our society.

15. Links : a selection of relevant websites.

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