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Last update : 15/12/2008

Jacques Gouverneur and Marcel Roelandts invite you to discover the outcome of  their respective research work. The latter bears on a critical analysis of the evolution of capitalism, with due regard for scientific rigour and without ideological preconceptions. It often gives rise to novel developments and conclusions.

For the time being, our website shows a complete content in English and French, as well a substantial content  in Spanish. We ask interested people to refer to these languages to get an idea of  all the items.

However, we draw attention to the fact that J.Gouverneur’s textbook is already available in Greek. The book was published in 1999 by Dardanos editor (Athens) under the title Anakaluptontas tèn Oikonomia. This book includes the main novelties of the 2005 French edition.

It goes without saying that we will welcome any collaboration to translate the content of other items into Greek. We warmly thank our possible contributors in anticipation.

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